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Royalty Exotics

Thanks Damon, visited Royalty and rented this fun beast! People at Royalty are amazing and so friendly!   Many fun stories about your vlogs and your future visit 🤫🤫 Just a freaking blast to drive

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New Video DDE Elite Keyword Not Working...

Whats up everyone?!?! So I just watched the newest upload today and am having an issue. The second DDE Elite keyword is coming up as invalid when I try to enter it into the website. Anyone else having this issue???

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Cell Phone Holder

Does anyone know where Damon got his cell phone holder that he uses? Thanks In advance. 

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I do have a soft spot for american muscle cars here are my top 5

post in the comments ur favorite muscle car

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World's first 'Supercar' up for auction

  1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with "gullwing" doors https://www.ctvnews.ca/autos/world-s-first-supercar-up-for-auction-1.3850364

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So did Bugatti finally come back with a contender for the speed record???

So has Bugatti build themselves a contender for the world speed record??? What's your opinion???

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Plasti-dip vs Vynil Wrap

Been looking at having my car wrapped or plasti dipped.  I’m wondering does anyone have any thoughts on either of these. I know plasti dip is a lot cheaper.  But it’s also apparently easier to remove. I think I will be going with 3m green envy when my local wrap ...

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So who won that DDE bag full of money???

I have been wondering who ended up with this duffel bag??? Person I am looking @mrjustbecause???

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Take an interactive tour of the Lamborghini Aventador

Interactive Aventador

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Here it is

This was in the bag lol

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What's in the bag??

Hot my first merch today, gotta catch them all