Damon Damon 05/14/2018 - 05:35pm


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  • kfneely1
    3 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    cops can be cool and some can be dicks. Nature of the beast. I just depends on what type of day they having.
  • renatolv
    5 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    Was cool seeing you and Dave. Thanks to Dave for showing me his Beemer with the new wrap on his phone. I was the guy with the black Fuck Cancer t-shirt on. Damon you car is epic in person. Sounds awesome with that exhaust. Did not bring my son because he was tired from a long week at school but next time you guys are in town on a rally we both will be there. Was a thrill to see all the cars running the strip with the police escort. Got some good pictures and some video on my phone. Had my camera but the memory card would not format to my camera. Should have been more prepared lesson learned.
  • Crashman
    5 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    Law Enforcement deal with the worst case scenarios of speeding such as deadly crashes and so on. Yes some times there is revenue driven enforcement but other times a speeding ticket my save someone's life. Then again supercar owners aren't normal people.
  • Scottyskillz
    5 days ago 2 DDE Elite Points
    Who else has watched the intro on this vid like a dozen times??? Sick!🔥🔥🔥😄 P.s. Damon you need an air horn on the Tire Slayer!
  • Armybrat
    5 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    They can do that but have to travel behind you machine your speed for 1mile before they can stop you.
  • VanDemansTasmania
    6 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    Yes can hoodies be added to the shop, and could we maybe get a tab put in where we can to each other?
  • Ocsupercarlyfe
    6 days ago 0 DDE Elite Points
    He guesstimated your speed?? That was a total BS!!!
  • renatolv
    6 days ago 1 DDE Elite Points
    Got pulled over one time coming back to Vegas from LA. Cop pulled two of us over mind you the other car was a bit ahead of me and said he bumper clocked me. WTH he wasn't following right behind me. Wife was hungover from a wedding we went to and told me not to argue with the cop just get her back home in Vegas so she could sleep
  • GVAN
    6 days ago 1 DDE Elite Points
    aren't tix a tax write off? 😁
  • GVAN
    6 days ago 1 DDE Elite Points
    Is part of the elite finding the vids now? 😂Sick Vids, great cops! Tons of fun dam you In out! Come to Canada?
  • casey_250
    6 days ago 1 DDE Elite Points
    Lets get a train horn installed in the Lambo.
  • IowaGen
    6 days ago 1 DDE Elite Points
    So he was speeding to get your speed? Haha

    Typical cop crap, I get it a lot or they hear it and wanna give exhaust tickets. After breaking laws to give tickets
  • SrslyNoz
    6 days ago 5 DDE Elite Points
    You have to just be thankful everyday that B.C. is a closed province and doesn't have a reciprocity agreement with anyone when it comes to tickets.

  • Smokealotapotamous
    6 days ago 3 DDE Elite Points
    Sucks when you get a ticket from a cop that appears to have just graduated high school.....